MDS 360®

The MDS 360® is a highly effective way of rating the performance of your managers or sales professionals in the workplace – a fast and easy way of assessing skills levels. This data is very persuasive, convinces candidates of the need for change and therefore accelerates application of new learning. 

As part of the design and delivery of a development programme the MDS 360® gives you:

Involvement of bosses, peers and subordinates
Buy-in from candidates for personal development
Consensus on the programme objectives
Foundation for a personal development plan
Perfect opportunity for coaching in the workplace
Calculation of ROI (when used again post-course)
A tool for tracking progress

To learn more about the MDS 360® select from the following chapters below:

Overview of the MDS 360®

MDS 360® Sample Reports
Taking Your MDS 360® Assessment
MDS 360® Applications

Becoming an MDS 360® Practitioner

It is not necessary to complete a certification programme to give feedback on the MDS 360® report. If a client Training Manager wants to give coaching feedback herself MDS will arrange a 2 – 3 hour practitioner’s training session. This is to familiarise the practitioner with the construction of the report, the process for giving feedback and creating an individual development plan (IDP).