Taking your MDS360® Assessment

This is an online assessment, managed by an MDS administrator. There is therefore little for the client company to arrange. The key steps are:

Tell MDS what competencies you wish to assess (or use one of the template questionnaires.)
2. MDS will create the questionnaire of your choice and put it onto the MDS 360® online platform.
3. Give us the e-mail addresses of the candidates for this assessment, plus e-mail addresses of observers (or the candidate may do this personally.) 
4. Each candidate will need 1 boss, at least 2 peer group members, and at least 3 direct reports as observers.

The MDS 360® may instead be used as 180 assessment, with just the boss (or one other observer group) completing the observer questionnaire.

The online assessment is automatic and confidential. It is serviced by an independent server monitored by MDS. Observers can therefore be assured of anonymity. The scores from direct report observers are averaged out – likewise the scores from peer group.