MDS 360® Application Programmes

The data from MDS 360® reports can be used to design programme content – especially when the data from the average scores (second part of the report) identifies some serious skills gaps for the whole group.

However in most cases the MDS 360® questions are written for a programme which has already been designed – see MDS 360 Skills Assessment and MDS 360 Sales Assessment Reports. In this case the application is to use the MDS 360® to build an individual development plan (IDP). To achieve this, candidates need to receive feedback on their MDS 360® report from a competent practitioner. When MDS trainers are used in this role the process is:

The MDS 360® reports are delivered to candidates during a 1 or 2 day training programme.
At that time, candidates are introduced to worksheets with instructions for creating an IDP.
Candidates then meet with the trainer 2 - 4 weeks later for a learning circle and discuss the IDPs they have designed.
Alternatively one to one coaching feedback is arranged to give more support for designing the IDP.