Overview of the SPA™

The SPA™ uses a unique scoring system which cannot be manipulated, so the report presents an objective picture of the potential assets and liabilities of each sales professional. It has been researched and developed over 30 years by Management Research Group® (MRG®). MDS is proud to be part of MRG's worldwide network of expert consulting companies. We are the sole distributor in Greater China and have become the global centre of excellence in using the SPA™ with Chinese sales teams.

The SPA™ assesses 18 sales behaviours (in 3 areas) and 6 sales drivers:
Preparation: market awareness, technical, strategic, structure, prospecting, entrepreneurship
Contacting: communication, outgoing, optimistic, excitement, persuasive, insight
Implementation: aggressiveness, tactical, empathy, team player, persistence, production
Drivers: sales focus, management focus, customer focus, materialism, ego rewards, idealism