SPA™ Sample Reports

The SPA™ questionnaire produces a choice of 6 reports.

For development of individual sales professionals and teams 

SPA™ Development Report is a 51 page report showing your sales profile and identifies your strengths and possible areas for development. It contains clear descriptions for interpreting your sales profile and gives you tips and guidelines for action planning.

SPA™ Multirater Development Report is a 53 page report which compares your perceived sales profile with your boss’s perception. This leads to a valuable discussion with your boss and enhances the value of your personal development plan.

SPA™ Candidate Report (for hiring) is a 15 page report specially prepared for a hiring manager. It shows candidates’ assets and also their potential challenges in fulfilling the responsibilities of the role, and presents a set of interview questions targeted for particular candidates.

For evaluating and building sales teams

Strategic Directions Group Report is a fast and very effective way of deciding on a desired sales profile for the future. It is highly valuable when a company is faced with the new business challenges (or when all present sales reps are underperforming). It is produced by a consultation process called Strategic Directions™.

SPA™ Composite Report is the preferred method for creating an “ideal profile” for a sales team. The Sales Leader selects 6 high performing sales reps to complete their SPA™ Development Reports. A Composite Report is then generated and reviewed by a team of expert sales leaders. This consultation process is a fast and effective method for generating an “ideal profile” which can then be used for developing the sales team (and for hiring new sales reps.)